Water soluble nutrients at vegetation’s‘ start!

Water soluble nutrients at vegetations‘ start!

Only water-soluble nitrate, phosphate and sulfate can be taken up by the crop directly after application. Constantly higher soil temperatures of 8 – 12°C are needed for a noticeable nutrient supply from the soil. 

Consequently, we recommend using sulfur-containing, nitrate-based NPK formulas for the first application. COMPLEX 20/10/8 +12SO3 as successor-product of COMPLEX 20/8/8 is due to its higher phosphate and sulfate content a very efficient formula for the first spring application in winter cereals.

With an amount of 200 – 250 kg/ha the hectare-performance is very powerful.

On soils with a low supply in P and K we recommend using COMPLEX 15/15/15 +7SO3 or COMPLEX 14/10/20 +10SO3 as a first application.

Those two formulas we recommend for the first application in spring barley before sowing as well. The shorter vegetation period compared to winter barley requires a quick root development, which is supported by the high P-content of those NPKs.

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