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12 March 2024

LAT Nitrogen launches Early Payment Programme with C2FO

LAT Nitrogen has launched the LAT Nitrogen Early Payment Programme in partnership with C2FO, a financial technology company and working capital platform that allows companies to access funds tied up i...

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08 March 2024

LAT Nitrogen empowers women – Women empower LAT Nitrogen

Our value Respect includes the aspect of diversity in the organization. Being an industrial company, with full continue production, we still have a way to go. Barely 20% of our workforce is female.Inc...

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19 December 2023

European Commission awards innovation fund to VERBUND's joint green hydrogen project with LAT Nitrogen

Green hydrogen is the key to decarbonizing industrial products and processes. VERBUND AG has initiated a decarbonization project - Green Ammonia Linz - together with project partner LAT Nitrogen which...

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