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03 July 2024

Leo Alders re-elected as president of Fertilizers Europe

On 27 June 2024, at the Fertilizers Europe General Assembly, Leo Alders (LAT Nitrogen) has been re-elected as its President for a two-years term. Since 2021, he has been CEO of LAT Nitrogen.Monica And...

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17 April 2024

LAT Nitrogen signed Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

The Antwerp Declaration as an impetus to step up action for a competitive and sustainable European industryLAT Nitrogen, a leading European supplier of nitrogen-based products in the plant nutrients a...

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12 March 2024

LAT Nitrogen launches Early Payment Programme with C2FO

LAT Nitrogen has launched the LAT Nitrogen Early Payment Programme in partnership with C2FO, a financial technology company and working capital platform that allows companies to access funds tied up i...

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