11 December 2023

LAT Nitrogen CEO Leo Alders elected President of Fertilizers Europe

Brussels, 11 December 2023 - Leo Alders, CEO of LAT Nitrogen was elected as President of Fertilizers Europe, effective immediately, at the 5 December Extraordinary General Assembly.

Antoine Hoxha, Director General of Fertilizers Europe said:

“I am very pleased to welcome Leo Alders as our new President. Given the challenges of high and volatile energy prices, the transition to low-carbon economy and the upcoming EU elections, the fertilizer industry needs a strong and experienced leader like Leo Alders. His deep belief in cooperation and outreach will help Fertilizers Europe strengthen the ties among all Plant Nutrition actors to become a key dialogue partner with the European institutions on the future of agri-food systems in Europe”

Leo Alders, Fertilizers Europe’s new President said:

“I am grateful to Fertilizers Europe members for entrusting me to guide the European fertilizer industry in these challenging times. We are at a turning point in history, with many challenges ahead. With high and volatile energy prices and a challenging market outlook, my focus will be on restoring the industry’s competitiveness to unlock our decarbonisation potential and secure sustainable food systems in Europe. A close cooperation with EU institutions and Members States is needed to safeguard our industrial base in Europe to ensure Europe’s strategic autonomy in food and fertilizer”.


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