Explosive Precursor Regulation (EU) 2019/1148

On 1st February 2021, an adapted version of the European regulation regarding the marketing and use of Explosive Precursors (EPR regulation (EU) 2019/1148) came into effect. In order to comply with this legislation, Borealis would like to share with you the steps that must be completed to guarantee a smooth transition of your orders.

The EPR regulation specifies different ways of working with materials listed in either annex I or annex II. Please find a list of the relevant Borealis EPR materials related to annex I by country: 

Annex I products Spain.pdf

Verification upon Sale

A requirement of the EPR regulation is that all customers that purchase EPR materials from annex I must complete a verification question. Therefore, Borealis requests that all their customers must complete and return the questionnaire located in annex IV. This includes information about:

  • the status of professional user or economic operator
  • the intended use of our EPR materials  
  • authorised purchasers as well as individual’s proof of identity
  • signature 

The completed questionnaire must be returned to implementation.EPlegislation@borealisgroup.com together with:

  • a scanned copy of ID documents (both sides) for all named and registered buyers. (Accepted identification documents are ID card, passport or driving licence.)  

It is a requirement of the EPR regulation that this process must be repeated every 12 months. The yearly update will depend on the date of signature provided on your current questionnaire. A pre-filled questionnaire including the Borealis product portfolio for your country is available in the following pdf files:

Annex IV ES Fertilizers.pdf

Annex IV ES Technical Nitrogen.pdf

All documentation provided will be stored securely in accordance with GDPR requirements and obligations. Identification documents will be stored securely for 18 months.

Any issued licences for specific materials (e.g. Nitric Acid) are also collected and stored accordingly. 

Verification upon Delivery

In order to ensure that our EPR materials are delivered to the specified address stated on the delivery document, Borealis requires the full name and signature of the person receiving the EPR materials on the delivery document.

We are unable to process any changes to the delivery address once the EPR material has been loaded at our plants or warehouses.

Suspicious transactions, theft or disappearance

At Borealis, all our staff participate in mandatory training on suspicious transactions, theft or disappearance of EPR materials as well as the process of contacting the relevant National Authorities within 24 hours of detection.

In the event that you have to make a declaration to your National Authority regarding any investigation you have started relating to suspicious transactions, theft or disappearance of Borealis EPR materials, Borealis kindly asks that you inform them immediately. 

The list of authorities can be accessed National contact points.