At LAT Nitrogen we understand sustainable development as a multidimensional concept relating to our ambitions and actions and embedded in our organization. For us, sustainability means finding the right balance between the interests of people, planet and profit. This mindset drives our decisions at global, national and local level:

    •  With our portfolio of products and services we support farmers in following the golden rule of applying the Right Product, at the Right Dose, at the Right Time, and in the Right Place.
    • Our crop nutrition solutions support global food security and help to grow farmers’ business profitability.
    • We promote smart farming practices in order to apply farming inputs according to plants’ needs, achieve best resource and water use efficiency, protect biodiversity and combat climate change.
    • We support sustainable intensification on existing farmland, which enables farmers to get the best results out of their land without increasing the negative impact on the environment.
    • Our Technical Nitrogen Products provide environmental solutions for various industrial segments: AdBlue® for the automotive sector, and several nitrogen oxide reducers like ammonia and urea solution for combustion plants.
    • We focus on the highest safety standards in our production processes and excellent quality levels of our products.