31 August 2023

Ministerial visit by Mrs Agnès Pannier-Runacher to the LAT Nitrogen plant in Ottmarsheim

This visit is part of the action taken by the French government following the signing of a decree to launch a support mechanism for the production of low-carbon hydrogen.

Ottmarsheim, 31 August 2023 - On Thursday 31 August, LAT Nitrogen welcomed Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the French Minister for Energy Transition, to its production site in Ottmarsheim. After announcing the allocation of a EUR 4 billion envelope to stimulate the activation of low-carbon hydrogen projects, this visit was an opportunity to see first-hand the implementation of one of the projects that could apply for this new support mechanism.

The project in question is currently being developed by LAT Nitrogen and Hynamics, an EDF Group subsidiary specializing in low-carbon hydrogen at Ottmarsheim, near Mulhouse. Once completed, the project will see the installation of a 50-megawatt (MW) electrolysis station capable of producing 6,600 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen a year. Powered by France's low-carbon electricity mix, the station will supply hydrogen to the LAT Nitrogen site, enabling it to produce 36,000 tonnes of low-carbon ammonia per year by 2026. Ultimately, 48,000 tonnes of CO2 will be avoided every year.

"We are delighted to be able to welcome the Minister to our site today and show her our full support for the government's decarbonization initiatives. We are convinced that, thanks to this support mechanism, it will be possible not only to accelerate decarbonization efforts, but also to create a new low-carbon hydrogen industry, a promising activity with a strong impact on local communities. As an energy-intensive industry, we are aware of the impact our production has on the environment, and we believe it is our responsibility to reduce that impact. This project is one example of our commitment to significantly reducing CO2 emissions," said Leo Alders, CEO of LAT Nitrogen.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, French Minister for Energy Transition: "As I launch this week a new scheme to support the production of low-carbon hydrogen in France, it was important for me to visit the site to see the progress and the implementation of projects already supported by our country as part of the Major Projects of Common European Interest (PIIEC). The Ottmarsheim site illustrates the central role of hydrogen in the decarbonization of industry, and more specifically in the production of fertilizers. With 1.5% of French emissions coming from the ammonia sector, this project is strategic for the decarbonization of French industry and will help to reduce the carbon footprint of agricultural production".

The production of low-carbon hydrogen is one of the cornerstones of the decarbonization of industry, and this innovative project using electrolytic hydrogen as a decarbonization process will be the first of its kind in France. This initiative, which sees the cooperation of 2 major players in the industry, will also bring a new dynamic to the Grand Est and stimulate new economic activities with high added value in this region, which is now positioning itself as a pioneer in the field of decarbonization and energy transition. 

The LAT Nitrogen group is strongly committed to reducing emissions from its production sites by 50% by 2030 and to achieving climate-neutral production by 2050, in line with legislation.

Photo: Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the French Minister for Energy Transition (center) visits Ottmarsheim

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