Compliance & Ethics

“…We are proud of our ethical policy and the culture of integrity that it reflects.

We encourage all our employees to consult with our compliance officer and ethical ambassadors whenever they have questions or concerns about ethical matters.

We believe that by working together and upholding our ethical values, we can create a sustainable future for all…” 

Leo Alders, CEO

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Our commitment to Compliance & Ethics

We are committed to a culture of ethics and compliance based on honesty, integrity and in accordance with legal requirements. 

Our Ethics policy sets out our core principles, as well as how and who should apply them.

To foster the ethical culture in our company, we have established a Compliance and Ethics Programme focusing on creation of awareness, supporting our business in conducting investigations, mitigation steps and prevention actions and covering the following topics:

Anti-Corruption & Bribery

We do not accept bribes, kickbacks or any other kind of improper payments. We keep accurate books and records to honestly describe payments.

Competition Law

We do not enter into any form of agreement or understanding with competitors to fix prices or otherwise restrict free competition.

Human Rights

We treat everyone with respect and will not tolerate unfair treatment, harassment, abuse or retaliation within the workplace.

Data Privacy / GDPR

We will treat all personal information of our employees and business partners sensitively, in confidence and in accordance with the applicable laws.

Know Your Business Partner

We carefully evaluate our business partners before we engage them and we expect them to conduct trades and deals in an ethical and compliant manner in accordance with our Ethics policy for business partners.

Trade Compliance

We comply with all trade laws of all countries in which we operate including sanction, customs, import and export control and laws that apply to the cross-border trade of our products and services.

How to raise a concern and seek guidance?

If you have Compliance and Ethics related concerns or questions, please file (also anonymously) a report to our Whistleblower Tool Tell Us.

“Tell Us” is accessible at and provides an opportunity for employees of LAT Nitrogen and all third parties, such as clients, contractors, vendors, to communicate on suspected wrongdoings affecting people, our organization, society or the environment.

For more information on our new "Tell Us" whistleblowing hotline, please refer to the "Tell Us" service presentation.

Tell Us is available in various languages and allows for reports in relation to any kind of illegal, immoral or otherwise questionable behavior for instance regarding the following matters:

      • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
      • Breach of Confidentiality
      • Fair Competition
      • Finance irregularities
      • Conflict of Interest
      • Data Protection
      • Fraud & Theft
      • HR Compliance (Harassement, discrimination, etc.)
      • Trade Compliance (Sanctions & Embargo)
      • Health and safety
      • Environmental damages

      Whistleblowers can reveal their identity or send a report anonymously. Either way, the identity of the Whistleblowers is under special protection. 

      “Tell Us” is designed, established, and operated in a manner that ensures the completeness, integrity and confidentiality of the information reported by any Whistleblower. LAT Nitrogen is committed to take every reported or suspected violation most seriously and will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who submitted a report in good faith.

      The reports will be handled centrally by the LAT Nitrogen Legal team.

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