08 March 2024

LAT Nitrogen empowers women – Women empower LAT Nitrogen

Our value Respect includes the aspect of diversity in the organization. Being an industrial company, with full continue production, we still have a way to go. Barely 20% of our workforce is female.

Inclusion and diversity are a responsibility of a company, but it cannot be established without a framework promoting these same values. 

That framework is the society a company operates in. It is based on cultural habits. It is a government’s responsibility to lead society towards diversity and inclusion. This is then the basis for companies to work on diversity and inclusion within their own organization.

At LAT Nitrogen, we firmly believe that respect and diversity are not just values but the foundation of our success, proving that talent isn't about gender, age, or nationality. Last year, we launched the EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) initiative, embracing this notion and driving dedicated projects within the organization.

Our female employees are at the forefront of this vision, embodying the spirit of innovation and leadership in every area of our business and operations. They contribute to many aspects of our company’s successes such as operational efficiency, safety protocols, and the quality of our products and services. This International Women's Day, we are proud to spotlight six exceptional women whose dedication and achievements have been instrumental to LAT Nitrogen's journey of excellence in the field of production and logistics. They represent the essence of our company—a place where everyone is valued, respected, and encouraged to thrive.

Join us in honouring these six remarkable women of LAT Nitrogen as we share their stories and the wisdom through the advice they offer to their younger selves and to all of us.

Stefanie Hagemann - Senior Project Manager (Linz, Austria)

Project Management with Purpose

Stefanie, originally a chemical engineer, now excels as a Senior Project Manager, believing that dedication and effort can drive meaningful change. Her path through various commercial positions to leading major projects like the Green Ammonia Linz initiative reflects her commitment to projects with significant impact, particularly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a devoted mother of two teenage boys, Stefanie skilfully balances her demanding career with family life, demonstrating her ability to manage both with equal dedication. Her honest take on overcoming challenges and her belief in her team's potential underscore her leadership skills. She advices to keep going and seize opportunities, trusting in one's intuition, serves as a beacon for embracing challenges with courage and optimism.

Ofelia Nalbant - General Manager (Romania)

Leading with Heart and Vision

Ofelia Nalbant - General Manager (Romania) Leading with Heart and Vision Ofelia's life is a blend of lessons from remarkable people, including her parents and children, who taught her about love and dedication, and insights from colleagues and mentors at LAT Nitrogen. She became the General Manager of LAT Nitrogen Romania in 2020. With 30 years in management, her philosophy focuses on serving her team, creating an environment where everyone can excel. Ofelia's message is to dream big, work passionately, and always remember the importance of kindness and humility at work.

Patricia Pfarrhofer - Education Center Manager (Linz, Austria)

Excellence Through Learning

Patricia has devoted her career to training, development, and people strategy, fueled by her love for music and quality time spent with her family. With 17 years at LAT Nitrogen, her journey from People Development Specialist to Education Center Manager demonstrates her belief in the power of education and positive experiences to shape futures. Patricia’s work goes beyond teaching; it's about laying the groundwork for the next generation. Her advice is underscoring the importance of self-belief and resilience: You are stronger than you think. Never let anyone compromise your competences.

Magali Guedon - Maintenance Engineer (Grand-Quevilly, France)

Embracing Challenges and Confidence

Magali's entry into the industry was unexpected, yet it turned into a passion spanning nearly 15 years, beginning with an internship in a refinery. She joined LAT Nitrogen in 2016 as a contracting specialist and has since become integral to operational maintenance. Magali's journey reflects growth and adaptability, fueled by the challenges and teamwork that drive improvement and success. She emphasizes living in the present, confidence, and self-belief. Magali advises her younger self to seize the moment, believe in your abilities, and confidently move forward to overcome challenges.

Polina Demirevska - Logistics Manager, Managing Director (Bulgaria)

Navigating Success through Challenges 

With a background in Business Administration and Intellectual Property, Polina found her passion in the Supply Chain field. Her journey at LAT Nitrogen led from Logistics Specialist to Logistics Manager and Manager Director for the Bulgarian entity. Her leadership has been key to setting up the logistics department for LAT Nitrogen in the SEE region. Married with one child, Polina cherishes her family life, which brings her joy and motivates her to embrace the daily challenges and collaborative opportunities in her professional journey. Polina advises her younger self to cherish resilience, viewing failures as steppingstones or opportunities for growth and improvement. 

Katharina Spaller - Plant Engineer (Linz, Austria)

Engineering a Better Tomorrow

Katharina, a dedicated young mother, not only excels as a plant engineer but also brings strong commitment to her projects, focusing on sustainability and improvement. Driven by her passion for environmental engineering and technical project management, she has found success at LAT Nitrogen since 2020, leveraging her prior experience in the automotive and plastics industries. Katharina's background in plant construction and environmental engineering helps her appreciate the diversity and challenges in her role, fostering continuous learning and growth. She advises to stand firm and maintain integrity and conviction for both professional and personal advancement.

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