Oilseed rape_Romania_2020

Importance of NPK fertilization in winter rape seed

Oilseed rape needs appropriate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur fertilization. 

Year: 2020

Crop: winter rape seed

Locations: Vintu de jos and Comlosu Mic, Romania

Products: NAC 27N (N), Complex 20/20 +7.5 SO3+Zn (NP),Complex 15/15/15 +7.5 SO3+Zn (NPK)

Research objective

Assess the importance of P, K and S fertilization in winter wheat.


Total dose of 165 kg/ha N equal to all fertilized variants

Splitting of the total N dose 45 (autumn) + 70 (1st spring) + 50(2nd spring)

S fertilization from NP, NPK applied in autumn


  • Each element N;P;K brings added value to yield
  • Highest yields with NPK+S fertilization compared to N alone or NP+S fertilization
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