Producing melamine of high quality

As the second-largest producer of high-quality melamine in Europe, we produce approximately 130kt/a at our plant in Austria (Linz) and at LAT Nitrogen facilities in Germany (Piesteritz).

Acting in compliance with REACH – the European Union regulation governing the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals – we can ensure that our chemical substances adhere to the highest European standards in quality.

Outstanding Melamine product quality
Our highly motivated team of skilled and experienced chemists, engineers and technicians
  • drives the excellent product quality and consistency of LAT Nitrogen melamine
  • provides direct technical customer support, consultancy and cooperation for optimization, improvement and development of products and processes
  • manages all technical issues and requests in close communication and tight contact with our customers
  • contributes to sustainably trustful and valuable customer relationship and cooperation in daily support and technical improvement and development

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