Melamine is converted from the raw material urea and consists of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It has become an essential raw material in the global production of synthetic resins. 80% of Melamine is destined for the wood-based panel industry. 

Melamine is providing tangible benefits in our daily lives

Melamine is the most valuable and sophisticated product in the nitrogen chain. Normally processed as a resin, this chemical compound is prized for the numerous exceptional qualities which make it so valuable in the production of articles used in everyday life. 

Melamine resins deliver:

  • High stability,  allowing end products containing melamine resin to resist high temperature exposure as well as physical and chemical degradation
  • High bonding potential, enabling surface applications with excellent properties like hardness as well as scratch and moisture resistance
  • High nitrogen content, making melamine an ideal flame retardant material

LAT Nitrogen Melamine  is one of the global market leaders in melamine production

LAT Nitrogen Melamine, with leading melamine production technology is producing around 130kt/a at two sites in Austria (Linz) and Germany (Piesteritz) and is active with direct Melamine sales globally. 

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