We provide sustainable and environmental solutions for industries, which are essential for the growing world population and the quality of our environment. Hence, we are committed to sustainability and creating value for society.

The need for businesses to operate sustainably has never been greater and will increase. Businesses can only grow sustainably in a healthy environment and stable society. They must manage the planet’s limited resources while facing their growing demand and manage increased regulation and economic turbulence.

LAT Nitrogen provides sustainable and performing solutions to reduce polluting emissions from road transport (DeNOx automotive) and industries (DeNOx industrial).

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Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are atmospheric pollutants are resulting from the combustion processes of fixed installations or vehicles. NOx contributes to acid deposition, acid rains, which can lead to potential changes occurring in soil and water quality. It is also associated to effects on human health by causing alteration of the airways. Besides, NOx have a negative impact on the ozone by favouring greenhouse effect.