When to start with the first spring application?

When to start with the first spring application?

The soil in East- and South Austria is dry with soil temperatures at 10°C and in some cases also above. Plants start their growth at a soil temperature of 5 °C. In North- and West Austria, fields will be accessible soon, if the warm and dry weather conditions will continue.

In many places, rape has already been fertilized – the actual soil- and weather conditions tempt farmers to start the first application in cereals as well. Find some tips for letting your crops start their vegetation optimally.

What you need to take care for…

On soils saturated with water, covered with snow (more than 50% of the area) or frozen through, a nitrogen fertilization is forbidden. Soils frozen overnight and thawing during the day are allowed to be fertilized up to 60 kg N/ha, provided that the soil is covered with living crops.   

Winter barley shows a constant yellow coloring of the leaves on many sites, indicating a nitrogen deficiency. The development in autumn was good and many barley stocks are quite dense for the time being. 

In order to achieve an optimum number of shoots, dense stocks should be fertilized only moderately. 40 kg N/ha for more-rowed barley and 50 kg N/ha for the two-rowed barley are sufficient. Would the date of application be considerably later (3-4 weeks later), then we would recommend to increase the amount for the first application up to 60-70 kg N/ha.

For winter wheat, the date for the first application is relatively early still. A fertilization in March is sufficient. If nevertheless the first application should be done already now, we recommend not more than 40-50 kg N/ha with grain maize as a previous crop. For wheat with rape as a previous crop, the first application still can wait to be done.

Sowing of spring barley hast started in Eastern Austria. We recommend to give already 2/3rd of the necessary N-amount in the form of NPK (400 kg/ha COMPLEX 15/15/15 +7SO3 are ideal) before sowing. The rest will be applied with NAC 27 N at the end of tillering.

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