Ammonia solution, or ammonium hydroxide, is obtained by dissolving pure ammonia in demineralized water.
It is mainly used as reagent for nitrous oxides (NOx) reduction with selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems (diesel engines, waste heat boilers, industrial boilers,…).
It can be also used in various industrial applications including:
  • Sulphur oxide (SOx) reduction in waste treatment
  • Food & Feed industry: source of nitrogen for yeasts, alcohol, lactic acid or other sugar derivative
  • Fermentation process: conversion of sugar into alcohol or complex hydrocarbon chains
  • pH regulator or neutralising agent
  • Surface treatment: metal, latex, electronics…
It is a safer alternative than anhydrous ammonia during transport, storage and usage, since the hazardousness of pure ammonia is attenuated by the water dilution.

Ammonia solution is available in different concentrations (from 24,5% up to 32,5%). It is delivered as in clear liquid form in tank trucks.

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