Urea is a synthetically produced organic compound of ammonia and carbon dioxide.

It is a non-hazardous way to bring obtain ammonia, needed for the nitrous oxide (NOx) reduction processes. 
It has the advantage over ammonia to be transported and stored without special safety precautions.

This product is also for many others technical purposes including:
  • Feedstock for melamine production
  • Organic component in organic wastewater treatment plants
  • Raw material for production of urea formaldehyde resins and glues (particleboard manufacturing...)
  • Components for cosmetic products
  • Component for pharmaceutical products
  • Denitrification agent for waste incinerators

Urea technical is available in prills or microprills form, with or without anti-caking agent. 
It can be delivered in bulk, small (25 kg) bags or big bags (FIBC).

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