The N-Pilot® is a portable reflectometer measuring the nitrogen nutritional status of crops by assessing the plants chlorophyll content and the amount of biomass.

The N-Pilot® provides a nitrogen fertilization recommendation that includes all top-dressings for cereals and the total N-requirement for rape seed after winter.

Easy measurements for immediate results

Measurements with the N-Pilot® are carried out in 20 seconds while moving through the field.

  • The ease of use facilitates the assessment of varying nitrogen demand across the field, calculating fertilization requirements accordingly.
  • A field diagnosis can include multiple N-Pilot® measurements.

The fertilization advice considers the following parameters:

  • Crop variety
  • Expected yield
  • Growth stage of the crop
  • Protein target (grain protein content)


  • The diagnosis is fast, reliable and cost effective.
  • It provides direct nitrogen fertilization advice in the field.
  • Controls and optimises both yield and protein content.
  • There are no subscription fees or any extra costs.
  • The N-Pilot® is a robust and autonomous device adapted to the regional specifics.
  • It can be used by multiple users.
  • Crop varieties are updated regularly by LAT Nitrogen
  • It has a wide spectrum of use: wheat, barley, triticale and rape seed.
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Measurement on Cereals
Measurement on Cereals
measurement on rapeseed
measurement on rapeseed
How to get an N-Pilot
How to get an N-Pilot
Measurements on cereals

For an optimized nitrogen fertilization

  1. Estimating the total nitrogen requirement of your crop.(Using NutriGuide)
  2. Splitting this total dose into several applications. 
  3. Using the N-Pilot® to adjust nitrogen top-dressings for a targeted yield and protein content.

Crop measurement periods (growth stages):

  • Soft wheat: at 2-nodes stage and at ear emergence
  • Hard wheat: at 2-nodes stage and at ear emergence
  • Spring wheat: at 2-nodes stage and at ear emergence
  • Winter/spring barley: 1-2-nodes stage

How to use the N-Pilot® in the field:

The use of the N-pilot is based on a comparison between an over-fertilized zone (reference zone) and the rest of the field. The creation of a reference zone is therefore essential for the calibration and use of the N-Pilot®.

The reference zone is part of the field to be checked. This calibration allows the tool to account for all other parameters such as variety, previous crop, type of soil, sowing condition, plant health protection, etc.). The only difference between the reference zone and the rest of the field lies in the nitrogen status. Nitrogen is not a limiting factor in the reference zone. Each measurement is expressed as a percentage of the index obtained on the reference zone. Advice to readjust the nitrogen dose is provided instantly.

How to get an N-Pilot related desktop image How to get an N-Pilot related tablet image How to get an N-Pilot related mobile image
Measurement on rapeseed

The N-Pilot® allows to estimate quickly and precisely your rapeseed biomass.  By measuring the reflectance, the N-Pilot® can estimate the biomass without manual weighing on the field. The method approved by Terres Inovia offers a biomass measurement precision up to 170 g/m² compared to manual weighting. The measurements can be repeated as often as needed to obtain the best results.

Calculation of the nitrogen requirement (reglette azote® from Terre Inovia)

The N-Pilot® provides a total nitrogen fertilization recommendation by assessing the biomass in the field. Estimating the amount of nitrogen uptake by the plants during winter is important to determine the fertilization requirement in spring. The N-Pilot® application is linked with the nitrogen calculation developed by Terres Inovia. 

How to use the N-Pilot® in the field:

The measurements are carried out once the tool has been calibrated in a stationary position on naked soil. All the measurements are geo-located in order to detect intra-plot variations. The assessment does not require an internet connection, facilitating to get recommendations directly in the field.

How to get an N-Pilot related desktop image How to get an N-Pilot related tablet image How to get an N-Pilot related mobile image
How to get an N-Pilot?

The N-Pilot can be bought directly at LAT Nitrogen GmbH. Price upon request, please contact our responsible agronomist.

Following steps lead you to a successful working device:

  1. If you would like to buy an N-Pilot, please send a request to agronomy@lat-nitrogen.com. Invoice will be created and sent, the N-Pilot will be sent or delivered directly to you by our agronomist or Sales person.
  2. In the meantime please download the N-Pilot App form the playstore/google store on your mobile device (Smartphone or tablet).
  3. After having received the N-Pilot device, please register on the user interface www.lat-nitrogen.com/n-pilot. Define your ID and passwort, enter name, e-mail address and serial number of the device (to be found on the back of the N-Pilot) and click “send”.
  4. You will receive an email back once your device is activated and ready to use.

Before starting the measurements, start the N-Pilot app and log in. Afterwards turn on the N-Pilot , the mobilde device will connect automatically via “WLAN” with the N-Pilot. Measurements can start immediately. Farm, plots and crops can be created either via the mobile app or are already in when created the user interface before. Start with “new measurement” for measuring the reference zone and afterwards the area to be fertilized.

How to get an N-Pilot related desktop image How to get an N-Pilot related tablet image How to get an N-Pilot related mobile image

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