COMPLEX 24/14 +7SO₃

Ideal for grassland; The nitrogen emphasized complex fertilizer COMPLEX 24/14 +7SO₃ is an ideal starter for maize and delivers immediately available phosphate for grasslands

Application hint
This N/P/S fertilizer is a good supplement for manure and is suitable for soils with high potassium content. Rapidly plant-available nitrogen, phosphate, sulphur and zinc make this fertilizer the perfect starter for maize, including when used in a fertilizer band while sowing. In addition to the fertilization of arable crops and grasslands, this formula is also suitable for vegetables in combination with potassium sulphate.

Granule size:

2.0 to 5.0 mm > 95 % mm


1.03 t/m³





  • High physical quality ensures stability during storage and handling
  • The water-soluble nutrients are immediately available for the plants
  • Easily diffusible nutrients even via the soil humidity
  • Excellent spreading pattern
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