VARIO 21/5/5 +17SO₃
This VARIO product is a blend of NAC 27 N, ammonium sulphate and COMPLEX 15/15/15. It has a nitrogen-emphasized formula with high sulphur content.
Application hint
This formula can be recommended for cereals, both in autumn and spring. It is also suitable for rapeseed, root crops and maize, also as a supplement to manure, especially on soils with satisfactory potash and phosphate supplies.
  • Blend of granulated fertilizers with similar bulk densities, granule sizes and granule forms – significantly less segregation as in case of other blends
  • Suitable formulas for individual needs (for certain plant crops, soils, and plots)
  • Good spreading pattern up to 18m spreading width
  • Should be applied right after blending

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