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MYNITRAS® - premium nitrogen sulphur granulated fertiliser

LAT Nitrogen offers a wide range of high-quality fertilisers.

Many formulas with a variety of combinations and nutrient ratios (primary, secondary and micro nutrients) cover all nutritional needs at each key stage of the growth of your crops.


Nitrogen fertilisers                        

nitrogen plus sulphur fertilisers

granulated NPK compound fertilisers.

With natural deposition of sulphur negligible and the availability of it through organic manures variable, our MYNITRAS® granular compounds are ideal to meet all crop demands throughout the season. 

The  MYNITRAS®product range complements both the arable and grassland sectors. Its balanced formulations ensure a fast vegetation start for OSR, Sugar Beet, Maize, Winter Cereals and Grasslands.  Formulated for a frequent and balanced application, the synergy of Nitrogen and Sulphur significantly increases the protein content in cereals as well as improve the Dry Matter and grass quality for grazing creating a winning combination.

Currently available in the UK and Ireland are the MYNITRAS® products lines 

MYNITRAS® 27 N + 9SO3 and MYNITRAS® 26 N + 13SO3. 

Both products are uniformed in size, have superior granule strength and provide an excellent bulk density.  This combination allows our granular fertiliser to be spread consistently to 36m and beyond even in windy conditions. Furthermore, as a compound fertiliser both the nitrogen and sulphur are contained in every granule eliminating segregation and providing an even application of all nutrients allowing the grower to optimise their yields.

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