Ammonium nitrate is a granular fertilizer highly concentrated in nitrogen, rapidly effective and suitable for all crops. It contains half of the nitrogen as nitrate, half as ammonium.
Application hint
Rich in nitric nitrogen, which is the preferred N-form taken up by the plants, MYPREMIAN® 33.5 N responds quickly to the needs of all crops regardless of soil temperature. Its fast effect is therefore particularly suitable when vegetation restarts after wintertime. Insensitive to volatilization losses, MYPREMIAN® 33.5 N is also recommended for the last application of Nitrogen in wheat.

Granule size:

2.0 to 5.0 mm > 90 % mm


0.9 t/m³




Grandpuits, Grand-Quevilly, Ot

  • MYPREMIAN® 33.5 N guarantees the highest nutrient use efficiency with 50% of directly available nitric nitrogen without volatilization


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N total 33.5
N nitric 16.7
N ammoniacal 16.8

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